Experts gather to assist in creating Cybersecurity and cybercrime prevention courses

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Focus Group, hosted as part of the EAGLE project, brought together a panel of experts on April 17, 2023, to discuss the creation of cybersecurity and cybercrime prevention courses for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Lithuania.

The project partner L3CE which is responsible for developing courses to address the lack of cybersecurity skills faced in companies in Lithuania, gathered a focus group of experts that included representatives from various companies, including SMEs, the Lithuanian police and Lithuanian Armed Forces, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, and universities.

During the meeting, the experts discussed the key challenges surrounding the creation of effective courses. They addressed the market needs for cybersecurity and cybercrime prevention courses, the problems faced by businesses, the unemployed and the general public and outlined the competencies that these groups are lacking.

The group also discussed the structure of the planned courses and the different levels, which will cater to different target audiences, as the target audience is universal. The experts explored the most effective ways to present the courses and provide practical opportunities to test newly acquired competencies. Additionally, the group discussed the positioning of the courses in the market to ensure they are attractive to target audiences.

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists proposed to organize a meeting with its members to further clarify business needs and adapt the course content to meet those needs.

The development of courses is the main part of the EAGLE project, which is focused on covering the training gap in digital skills for European SMEs manpower. The project aims to develop effective courses that will provide SMEs with the necessary skills and knowledge.

More updates on the project and the upcoming courses coming soon.

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