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Vernian RTI



Vernian  is a Cypriot SME with a regional and European focus.  

We firmly believe that the accelerated adoption of technology and innovation, underpinned by the enduring principles of governance, ethics, and transparency, carries the potential to empower organizations, societies, and economies, drive efficient growth, enhance the innovation capacity of organizations of all sizes, optimize their strategy and value proposition, and foster sustainable progress for the advancement of individuals, societies, and economies.  

At Vernian we actively seize to tackle the evolving multifaceted challenges arising in today’s complex and rapidly evolving environment, leveraging research, technology, and innovation to address these challenges. Through existing and new strategic partnerships, we transform challenges to opportunities aspiring to facilitate a healthier and more sustainable business environment and society, driving tangible actions that can create positive impact and foster transformative change to our societies and economies. 

Our mission: To imbue organizations with the unique proficiency required to harness the benefits of research, technology and innovation and facilitate the evolution of high-impact strategic endeavours that will lead to the transformative change required to bolster the competitiveness, sustainability and advancement of our European and global communities. 

Our motto: Confident, Competent, Committed.