Companies meet in Spain to collaborate with universities in the creation of courses in Robotics and Emerging Technologies

Burgos, Spain. 

The Focus Groups on Emerging Technologies, organized  as part of  the activities of the first phase of the EAGLE project, brought together a panel of experts,  representatives of Burgos business associations and heads of Spanish companies,  on  April 21 and 28, 2023,  to discuss the creation  by several European universities of different courses on emerging technologies, robotics and other advanced digital technologies, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Spain.

The Spanish partners of   the project, UBU, FAE and DIHBU, brought together in two  sessions two  groups of experts comprising representatives of several companies, SMEs and micro-SMEs,  from all sectors of activity, together with representatives of several institutions and associations and industrial employers from different sectors of activity, such as manufacturing, metal, automotive, chemical, agri-food, wood, construction, logistics, among others.

During the meetings, experts discussed the key challenges surrounding the creation of effective courses. They addressed  the  digitalization training  needs of SMEs in the industrial environment of Burgos, the problems  faced by companies and described the digital skills  needed by their workers.

The working groups also discussed the structure  of the planned courses and the different levels, which will cater for different  target profiles. Experts explored the most effective ways to present the courses and provide practical opportunities to test newly acquired competencies.

The development of the courses and their delivery is the main part  of the EAGLE project, which aims  to fill the digital skills training gap for the workforce of European SMEs. The project aims to develop effective courses that provide SMEs with the necessary skills and knowledge.

More updates on the project and the upcoming courses coming soon.

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